CPSC689-603: Reading List

1. How to read the literature

  1. Types of Publications
    In this short note, I talk about different kinds of publications and how to identify them.
  2. Developing a critical reading skill
    In this note, I talk about how to develop a critical reading skill that will help you grasp more ideas and spend less time on mediocre ones.

2. Literature Search Resources

  1. TAMU Library Catalog
    Your best local resource.
  2. Google Scholar
    Simply the best publication/citation search engine.
  3. SCIRUS by Elsevier
    Excellent literature search (mostly Elsevier journals).
  4. Net Library
    Whole books on the web: a lot of recent books from MIT Press, etc. are available.
  5. Good book review sites:

  6. Good subject review page:

  7. Finding the paper not linked here:
    You can use a search engine. Even if you cannot find the exact same paper you are after, most of the case you can find an earlier version or a similar version by looking up the authors' homepage on the web. This is a crucial tip that you should always keep in mind.

3. Recommended Tutorials and Web Resources

Review Journals

Encyclopedia, handbooks, and overviews

4. Main Reading List

Choe et al.


* Oxford Companion: entries on Intelligence and Intentionality; Dreyfus chapter 10.

Neuroscience Basics

* Oxford Companion: entry on visual system.

Thalamus and Basal Ganglia

Prefrontal Cortex; Orbitofrontal Cortex

Causality; Algebra for Action

Neural Plasticity

Natural Scene Statistics and Neural Coding; Biologically Motivated Vision

Bayesian Approach in Perception

Critique of Computationalism

* Oxford Companion: entries on Wittegenstein; Computationalism book chapter 1; Searle chapter 7; Edelman chapters 1 and 2.

Analogy/Metaphor and Schemas; Perception and Action; Imitation

* Oxford Companion: entry on metaphor, and schemas; Holland chapter 10; Stafford chapters 4 and 5.

Embodied Agents and Multimodal/Sensory-Motor Integration

* Lebeltel, with focus on section 12.

Unsupervised Learning and Self-Organization

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