CSCE 312: Computer Organization

Fall 2015



         9/1/2015: Welcome to the new semester and your First Lecture!

     9/1/2015: There are no labs in the first week.

     9/15/15: Homework 1 is assigned with DL: 9/22/15 at 5PM. Check Homework Tab.

     9/15/15: Quiz 1 will be taking place on 9/22/15 in the class. From Chapter 2 of the Digital Design Book.

     9/24/15: Homework 2 is assigned with DL: 10/01/15 at 5 pm. Check homework tab.

     9/24/15: Quiz 2 will be taking place on 10/01/15 in the class. Scope Chapter 3 of Digital Design Book (from topics covered in the class).

     10/08/2015: Homework 3 is assigned with DL 10/15/2015 at 5 pm. Check HW tab.

     10/08/2015: Quiz 3 is now scheduled for Oct 15 in the class. Scope of the quiz is from Chapter 4 of Digital design Book (as per the class coverage).

     10/29/15: Quiz 4 will be in class. Scope Chapter 3 of Computer Systems book (3rd Ed). Instruction set of X086-64.

     We will have pop quizzes in the class now and then during rest of the semester and that scores will be counted as bonus points.

     Quiz 5 will be held on 11/12/2015. Scope: Y-86-64 Instruction stage Computations, Sequential architecture and Pipelined Architecture.

     Quiz 6 will be held on 12/08/2015. Memory Systems (cache and virtual memory concept)


Note: we will use best five quiz grades for grading. Bonus quiz points will add up to 5 points (average of all bonus quizzes).



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TR:  05:30 pm - 06:45 pm HRBB 124


    Section 501: M 10:00 AM 12:00 PM RDMC 111C

    Section 502: W 10:00 AM 12:00 PM RDMC 111C

    Section 503: M 8:00 AM 10:00 AM RDMC 111C



Dr. Rabi MahapatraOffice: HRBB 520B Office Hours: TR 4-5 PM by appointment Email: rabi at cse dot tamu dot edu Phone: (979) 845-5787 Course Website:

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Teaching Assistant

Richa Surbhi

Office Hours: TR 12 PM

Peer Teachers

1. Devin Carr (Sections 501, 502): Email:

Office: PT Room

Office Hours: M 12-1pm, MW 3-4pm, and F 9-10am

2. Kasra Rahimi (Section 501, 502): Email:

Office: PT Room

Office Hours: F 10 am 12 pm

3. Siyu Lin (Section 503): Email:

Office: PT Room

Office Hours: T 11 am 12 pm, F 4-5 pm, F 6-7 pm.