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Wednesday, April 16
Remember, meetings start an hour earlier (the first meetings are at 4:15 now instead of 5:15).
Wednesday, April 9
Change in plan! Please come to lecture today for the end of semester evaluations. Wednesday team meetings will proceed immediately following the evaluations which should only take 20 minutes or so. Also, please inform your fellow classmates. Thank you!
Wednesday, March 5
Please e-mail your Critical Design Review report and presentation to Steve. Thanks!
Monday, January 27
A small errata was detected in the Proposal Grading Criteria.   Section 3.b should read "Societal, safety and environmental analysis." Please take note and make sure that safety analysis is included in your proposal.
Friday, January 24
Meetings will begin next week, starting January 27. Be prepared to discuss your project and the resources you will need. The meeting times have been posted under projects.
Wednesday, January 22
Start thinking about the resources you will need to complete your projects. A list of possible robots is available in resources.
Tuesday, January 21
Tenative teams have been organized and assigned projects. See projects for more information.

No labs this week. Dr. Quick will discuss "Lateral Thinking" at tomorrow's seminar.

Tuesday, January 14
Remember to bring your resume to class Wednesday.
Monday, January 13
Class begins today with the first lecture, but the lab times will not begin until next week. MW 4:10-5:00PM HRBB 113 is the lecture time.